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Abeka Curriculum Review

The Abeka curriculum provides homeschools with  high-quality textbooks and teaching aids that honor God. ,The homeschool community has found Abeka materials to be easily adapted to homeschool even though Abeka curriculum was developed  for Christian School classrooms.  A Beka materials are  traditional in their educational approach and unashamedly Christian and they strive to keep learning  interesting, enthusiastic and memorable.  A Beka Book materials are the fruit of 50 years of actual classroom experience.

Abeka curriculum is probably used by more homeschools than any other curriculum.

If your family likes using Abeka, then there is little disagreement that Abeka will provide a some what accelerated program that will more than adaquately cover the subjects for each grade.

Has your family  used the complete  Abeka curriculum?  Please share your opinions and experiences with this popular homeschooling curriculum.

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Abeka Curriculum Review Review by Homeschool Reviews, July 17, 2009

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I am not qualified to write a review on using the complete Abeka curriculum since we have only used a portion of Abeka, but I will briefly comment on our experiences with Abeka to get this review section rolling.

We used the 55 little books in the Abeka Summer Reading Library as readers for the children as they worked through a phonics program (not Abeka).We were very happy with these. The children really felt their progress in reading as they progressed through these 55 books.

We also used Abeka language worktexts more than anything else. We were not a slave to the workbooks, using them to learn and practice good grammar usage. We did not usually do the composition exercises, preferring to incorporated writing with our unit studies. We rarely completed all the grammar exercises. Some of the grammar that was taught was already understood by the children and there was no need to spend time on it, so we would skip those.

We also had a few of the Abeka history texts for resources. We did not use them as a text, but as a source where we could find information about something we were studying. The history texts appear to be well written and interesting. Not sure that we would like them if used as our complete text since we prefer living books such as biographies, etc. for learning history.

My oldest sons used Abeka Biology and we felt it was good as texts go. We did not use tests or lab. Oldest son used Abeka Chemistry. I felt that it was difficult. Second son had success with Apologia Chemistry because it is written to the student and is specifically for homeschooling.

So Abeka has filled many of our needs for homeschooling. I am pleased with it for what we needed it for. As a complete curriculum, I would not be happy with Abeka. We are much too eclectic for that. It has certainly been a starting place for us and for many families and I’m glad it is available.

by Julie of Best Homeschool Buys

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