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Need more information on Sonlight Science? This article examines some of the components of the science curriculum.

The following subject studies are covered through the Sonlight Science curriculum:

* Biology/Nature: Explore the living world God created by studying biology, botany, animals, anatomy, and more.
* Technology: Understand machines, how inventions came into being and how they work, and the rise and relevance of personal technology.
* Physical Sciences: Study and experiment with some of the smallest and most powerful substances of our world with our chemistry studies. Uncover truths about forces, electricity, and magnetism by studying physics.
* Earth and Space: Chart new territory in earth sciences, oceanography, meteorology, and archaeology. Discover astronomy and astronautics.
* Health and Medicine: Delve into the world of anatomy, physiology, nutrition, and medicine


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So how does Sonlight present material and use resources in this curriculum?

Just to get a quick look, check out this Science Instructor's Guide overview:

pdf file A Look Inside a Science IG [1.62 MB]

Watch this quick video that demonstrates the Sonlight Science Instructor's Guide.

Sonlight continues to update and improve their award winning curriculum
In 2009 the Sonlight Company made extensive updates their science curriculum! They updated the  science books and more. Their are more hands-on activities, new Instructor's Guide Notes,  Activity Sheets that are updated, and an update look to their user friendly schedules. 

I'm glad to see that Sonlight also offers improvement in linking readings to relevant science experiments. I think that a firm connection between these two methods of learning is crucial for maximum retention in the minds of my children.

Sonlight's  new articles which are  included in every Introduction to K- 6 science answers pertinent questions about their approach to the age of the earth and evolution. Parents need to know exactly where a science curriculum is coming from. Sonlight  teaches Creation by God, but mentions a variety of perspectives from this belief.

Examples of some Sonlight Science updates;

  • 5-Day program of Science K adds new, colorful books such as the Eggs and Chicks, Tadpoles and Frogs, Caterpillars and Butterflies, , and Under the Sea.

Sonlight Science

  • Science 1 offers several new books on space, the human body, and the excellent resource See How It's Made
  • Weather, a new DK book, has been added to Science 2...also, the beautifully illustrated Planet Earth.
  • Watch the new DVD, Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution I when you study from Science 3.

Sonlight Science Curriculum

  • Bell and the Science of the Telephone, The Story of Inventions is a delightful book added to  Science 4.
  • Watch the fascinating DVD Unlocking the Mystery of Life which is new to  Science 5 which will explore many questions in biology about Intelligent Design.
  • Science 6 adds  Icons of Evolution (DVD),

Sonlight Science 6

  • Also NEW for Science 6:  The Usborne Internet-Linked Encyclopedia of Planet Earth, and the optional Cool Stuff 2.0 and How it Works.

All of these improvements are based on Sonlight's never ending research into the best children's books that combine with the Sonlight method of learning.

Help for Busy Parents:
I like the way that Sonlight makes it easy on busy homeschool parents by offering science activity packs which include all the needed materials to make science experiments and activities an easy part of your science curriculum. The following video shows what these science packets look like: 

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