Why is Tapestry of Grace  Winning Awards?

Tapestry of Grace is a curriculum that uses the classical method of homeschooling combined with a unit study approach. The curriculum is winning awards because it is well organized, easy to use,and does a fine job of helping homeschool families have a classical approach with a unit study flavor.

Our family used Konos for 8 years. With a house full of boys, the activity and discovery approach of Konos was perfect. As the boys got older, we moved toward more of a classical framework for learning.  Now I know,  if Tapestry of Grace had been around in the late 80s and early 90s, it would have been my choice.  I love what I see at the Tapestry of Grace website. You can find out so much about this award winning curriculum at the Tapestry of Grace home site

The digital version of Tapestry of Grace has been well received by the homeschooling community. Its "search" and "update" features make it so easy to use. More and more people are trading in their page protectors and shelf full of ring binders for the new digital format. Print exactly what you need. I love it!!

Find out more at the Tapestry of Grace site or click on the year you need below


If you want to try to save money on a printed copy of a Tapestry of Grace Year, check here  to see what Tapestry of Grace homeschool curriculum is for sale on eBay today.

TOG homeschool curriculum
Take a look at the Map of the Humanities to give an overview of what is studied in using the Tapestry of Grace curriculum over the course of 4 years. This "map" is a work of art! that gives us a bird's eye view of everything that is covered over 4 years with the tapestry of grace curriculum.  This map is provided for free download to help families learn about the curriculum.

There is a lot of help available at the Tapestry of Grace home site:
Tapestry Teachers Training
Writing Aids

Download the free Tapestry of Grace Map of the Humanities

Those that use the curriculum are going to want to request that this map be made into a poster that can be purchased. It is so beautiful and for families that invest years into studying with Tapestry of Grace, as a poster, it would serve as a reminder of work accomplished, but also as a means to visually see a connection of all the times and topics studied. It is just wonderful! I can't praise it enough! Download it so you can see it for free.  (My printer only printed part of it but I can see the whole thing on the monitor screen).

Marcia Somerville, author of the popular homeschool curriculum, Tapestry of Grace has never believed in selling Tapestry to people who don't want it--but she loves teaching and learning. She has a passion for classical Christian homeschoolin. Marcia now has audios and webinars available on the Tapestry site that allow her to share her knowlege and encouragement with other homeschool moms.

Her presentation called "Teaching with Tapestry of Grace," where she begins by saying that no one curriculum is for everyone, and that parents, when choosing any curriculum, should start with the end in mind. After sharing her personal story, and how the things that God spoke to her about her own children are woven invisibly into the Tapestry of Grace curriculum, she moves on to define "classical education" and explain how Tapestry's integrated, multi-level format works in practice. "Introduction to Tapestry DE" goes into the details of the curriculum, and shows the features and use of Tapestry in digital format. Onscreen, viewers understand through listening and seeing, that busy moms can use the different Tapestry resources to plan and teach each week.

Marcia's webinars are effective because her focus is not to make a sales pitch for her product. Her fourteen-year battle with crippling fear makes "The Nearness of God Is My Good" a powerful story about her weakness and God's mercy, which has blessed thousands of women across the country and around the world. Her two-part writing workshop is clear, practical, and exactly what so many homeschool moms find they need to understand their goals for writing no matter what curriculum they are using. Her "Tips for Teaching a Household" and "Teaching Devotional Methods to our Kids: A Toolbox Approach" have been perennial favorites at conferences around the country and overseas. Introduce your friends to Marcia through one of those webinars, and you won't have to push them to hear her talk about Tapestry.


Try the new Tapestry of Grace Resource List

Wouldn't it be great to have a list of all the primary resource books you need for a Tapestry unit? If would be even better if the list just included the levels in your own family, like "Year 1 Unit 2 Lower Grammar and Dialectic." What if you could sort it by title, or author, or number of weeks used? What if it showed which books were on sale at Bookshelf Central?

Now you can! Tapesty of Grace has built a printable, sortable, customizable database into their new online store, and it's just waiting for you to try it out! Click here.

Now available:

Now available:

Used Tapestry of Grace is available through Best Homeschool Buys. See Used Tapestry of Grace for an example of what you can find and a link to the Tapestry of Grace Curriculum Page.

Tapestry of Grace Wins Awards and National Recognition Again!

Tapestry of Grace Homeschool 
Lampstand Press received the following Excellence in Education (EE) Awards by The Old Schoolhousemagazine.

  • History curricula: 2nd Place
  • Literature curricula: 2nd Place
  • Writing curricula: 3rd Place
  • Best Overall Company: 3rd Place
  • Best Unit Study: 3rd Place
  • Best Classical Resource: 2nd Place
  • Friendliest: 3rd Place
  • Most Unique: 3rd Place