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Questions about various Homeschool Math Curriculum. The Math U See homeschool curriculum teaches math skills explicitly. There is a definite, logical sequence instructing math concepts that is systematic and cumulative. Math U See has a structured, step-by-step procedure for introducing, reviewing, and practicing concepts. Math U See uses multi-sensory tools that engage the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic channels simultaneously in rapid succession. Math U See offers continuous and ongoing assessment and progress monitoring which allows for frequent opportunities to re-teach when needed. Need more information?

Competency Testing to help You Determine Placement

Determine what level of mathematics the student has mastered so they will know in which book to begin.

As the student does an exam, watch them to observe how confident they are about their math knowledge.

If they aren't functioning at an acceptable level, then place them in the respective book where they are struggling. For example, if they are having difficulty with the division problems in the Delta competency test, they should begin in the Delta level, since this is where that concept is presented.
If you don’t know which test to begin with, there is a one page pretest which tests a student’s general math knowledge and will assist you in deciding which specific competency exam to take.

The competency exams have two parts.

1. computation skills

2.(word problems) focuses on thinking skills, understanding of the concepts.

These placement exams are available on the Math U See Website.

If you are making the transition from the Classic to the newer curriculum, the Transition page has information to help you.

Math-U-See fits with a many different homeschooling styles.

How does Math-U-See fit with the Charlotte Mason approach?

The lessons are short and free of "twaddle." There are lots of opportunities for hands-on experience, and students are encouraged to "teach back" the concepts to the parent (narration).

How does Math-U-See fit with Classical Homeschooling?
Memorization of facts is encouraged in the early grades, and mastery of concepts required at every level.

How does Math-U-See fit with Traditional teaching methods?
Concepts are taught on dvd, and workbooks are used for practice and review.

How does Math-U-See fit with a Relaxed or Unschooling approach?
The books are not assigned grade levels, so it is easy for students to work at their own pace or interest level.

How does Math-U-See fit with Unit Studies?
Topics are grouped together by concept, helping students to see how math ideas are related to each other and the whole structure of mathematics.

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"I'm going to add a word of caution for those who are pulling a child out of public school and going to homeschooling. If your child is doing OK in public school with math, you may not want to go with this program. MUS is taught in a completely different way than most public schools, and it could cause frustration for your child. .."MORE

"Math-U-See is a wonderful math curriculum that helps students understand visually how math works. Mr. Steve does a wonderful job of explaining and demonstrating how math works, not just telling" ...MORE