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My son, Jonathan, is using this Algebra 2 set right now. He likes it because he doesn't have to come to me for help since every single one of the almost 3,000 problem set problems in the textbook is worked on the solution CDs with multimedia step-by-step explanation. My son used Saxon Math up to Algebra 2. He couldn't seem to get any further than lesson 40 before getting bogged down and having to back up and review. Finally, we decided to try The Teaching Textbooks after looking at the website and reading some reviews.

As others have observed, it appears to be easier than Saxon, but since Jonathan is having a struggle with math at this point, and he is more of an artistic creative person than a scientific mathematical person, we decided that EASIER would give him more success. He hasn't gotten past 15 lessons, so I don't know what my final opinion is of this curriculum for Jonathan, but at this point, it seems favorable.

The strength of The Teaching Textbooks is the individualized usability. A student can go over the explanations of how to work a problem whenever he needs to. He can also find other problems LIKE the one he is having trouble with and watch how to work them, also. If your student makes the basic effort required, this curriculum should provide the teaching and explanation needed to get through Algebra 2.

One recommendation for students who want to be prepared for the ACT or SAT: take several practice tests. Not only will you be less nervous since you will know what to expect, but you can read up on any problems that you miss or that you skipped and learn how to do them.  Some of the problems on the college entrance tests will be different from the textbook problems that are familiar, so it is very helpful to  spend some mornings working through ACT or SAT practice tests.

The  CDs contain 10-15 minute lectures for every lesson in the printed textbook. They also feature multimedia step-by-step explanations to the practice problems with each lesson. The CDs are especially good for students who learn better by listening and watching than by reading.

In addition, the Test Solutions CD offers step-by-step explanations for each problem in tests 1-16.

I haven't seen the Geometry Teaching Textbook, but I hope is as good as the Algebra that we are using now.


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