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If you are looking for used homeschool curriculum,  the Teaching Textbooks Geometry normally comes with a textbook, an answer key and test bank, the solutions CDs, a test solutions CD, and also the lecture and practice CDs.

"We used this curriculum with our daughter, who has been homeschooled since third grade, and was a junior last year when we used it.  Over the course of our homeschooling experience, we have tried so so many math curricula and we were so thankful when we found this one!  We have been using Teaching Textbooks since our daughter was in pre-algebra.  She will be using Teaching Textbooks Algebra II this year.  One of our favorite things about this program is that the lecture and practice CDs, solution CDs, and test CDs explain each and every lesson, every practice problem in the book, every homework problem, as well as all test problems.  So, if our daughter answered something incorrectly or was having difficulty in a certain area, we could see each problem worked out and explained."
Testimonial on a recent eBay auction for the Teaching Textbooks Geometry

Our son Jonathan has been using the Teaching Textbooks. You can read about that at the post: The Teaching Textbooks Algebra.

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If you can't find what you need, be sure to check back later. If I have a link to a used curriculum page, it is because eBay normally has that curriculum available, at least during the summer before a new year when the most people are selling their used curriculum.


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