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WriteShop Primary A
WriteShop Primary A
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WriteShop Primary B
WriteShop Primary B
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WriteShop 1 Set 4th Edition
WriteShop 1 Set 4th Edition
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Write Shop Primary Teachers Guide Book  Activity Book A Teaching Writing
Write Shop Primary Teachers Guide Book Activity Book A Teaching Writing
Time Remaining: 1d 7h 13m
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WriteShop Homeschool Incremental Writing Program

This homeschool writing curriculum earns a place in Cathy Duffy's 100 Top Picks.

As per the description from the book itself,  WriteShop is a writing program that:

(1) emphasizes clarity, conciseness, colorful vocabulary, and interesting sentence types;

(2) focuses on developing a strong paragraph;

(3) offers a wide variety of writing activities;

(4) helps students know exactly what to look for when refining their own work; (5) helps parents know how to methodically evaluate their children's writing.

Writeshop 1 is an incremental writing program  which includes Teacher and Student books.  There are WriteShop Copying and Dictation Exercises for WriteShop 1 available.

This curriculum is recommended for students in the 7th-10th grade, although 5th-6th graders can use the program at a slower pace.

The program consists of 30 lessons and can be done in a 1 year, 2 year or 3 year time frame.

The two basic components of the WriteShop program:

1. Teacher s Manual- Teacher s Manual is the heart of the WriteShop program. It contains daily lesson plans, schedules, tips for editing and grading, answer keys, and student samples. Brimming with creative ideas and supplemental writing activities. 280 pages.

2. WriteShop I student workbook.  WriteShop I student workbook teaches the basics of descriptive, informative, and narrative writing. Consumable workbook contains Skill Builders, word banks, detailed writing instructions, editing checklists, and evaluation forms. 298 pages.

The authors are Kim Kautzer and Debra Oldar

Grade Level: 6-10

Format is a three-ring, tab-divided binder

The publisher is WriteShop Incremental Writing (2003)

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