Kid's Chores

Kid's Chores

Tips for Successful Kids Chores

Homeschooling families have to be organized to get the household chores done.  The benefits of developing a better system for your children's chores is two-fold:

1) The house cleaner and straighter

2) The children learn to work (and hopefully develop a good work ethic and an appreciation for what others do for them).

I want to encourage you in the worthwhile endeavor of teaching your children to work in the home and with the family. This e-book - Tips for Successful Kids Chores will help you improve your home chore plan. You will find suggestions for implementing a chore program in your home that includes your children. Here you will find some ideas for how it is done in other homes. Also, you'll find chore ideas to give to your children so that they can to work as part your family team.

Included in this booklet are the following sections:

1. How to organize your children’s rooms including how to perform a 3 day blitz!
2. How to deal with unsavoury attitudes over chores
3. Age by age chore suggestions & help
4. Zoning your child’s room
5. Dealing with Chore Allowances
6. Motivation for training your children to do their chores
7. How to set up your chore pocket system
8. Chore cards for children from preschool to young teen (Separate File)

This is mostly a total system to enable you get your chore plan up and running but also has a chore pocket system that adds some fun to the process. While the booklet will help mothers with kids of all ages the pocket system is mainly for children from preschool to 10 years of age.

Kids ChoresAnother Kid's Chores Set is Agent: Chores is an awesome way to get your little agents excited about doing their chores/jobs!

  • As the newest agent(s) in the house, your child(ren) are sure to be excited to do their chores! Each agent can have their very own personal agent id badge and wallet!
  • With customizable mission cards, you can have the agent doing exactly what you need them to do!
  • Included are "special" mission cards for jobs that don't need to be done every day, but need to be done nonetheless!
  • Help your agent take ownership of their important role in the everyday missions that need to be done in your house!
  • Customizable for boys and girls!

These booklets, Tips for Successful Kids Chores,  and Agent: Chores are offered for download by CurrClickfor about $5.00.  Every week CurrClick offer certain free downloads primarily for homeschooling. Sign up for the CurrClick mailing list to find out what is free each week.  It is a great deal for homeschoolers, especially those that enjoy making lapbooks and notebooks in their studies.

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