Used Level OneUsed All About Spelling is hard to find because it is a mostly non-consumable curriculum that families tend to keep for younger children to grow into.

Just this week, there is an All About Spelling -Level 1 for sale used on eBay. It is listed as LIKE NEW. This includes the Teacher's Manual and One Student Material Packet. The bid was at $58.98 at the time of this post.

(For comparison: a new Level One set is $29.95 and the Basic Interactive Kit is $29.95.  You can also purchase the curriculum directly from the publisher. Click for the All About Spelling website.)

If this is still available, it will be listed on our used All About Spelling page. Any added 'All About Spelling' listings will be seen on the used All About Spelling page as they become available.

All About Spelling is a multisensory spelling program used for homeschool or to help problem spellers that are enrolled in regular schools. The lessons involve sight, sound, and touch. Children learn well when they are use multiple senses in the learning process. All About Spelling offers a hands-on approach to learning and teaching spelling, and in the process also teaches phonics and reading.  For more information about this highly popular spelling program, read our review on All About Spelling. All About Spelling is an excellent program if you are just beginning to teach your child spelling, or if your child needs remedial help.

What is the opinion of homeschooling families that are using this curriculum? You can read their reviews to find out.