Best in Children's Books

These are the books that I grew up with.  The stories and pictures are delightful and remind me of my childhood. When I began homeschooling my children, my mother let me have this set that is shown in the picture above. The name of the series is Best in Children's Books published by Nelson Doubleday Inc and there are many more volumes that what I possess.

Does anybody remember The Magic Porridge Pot story that was in one of the volumes? I loved that story of the magic pot that made so much porridge that it filled the house and went out into the streets.  It was illustrated by Andy Warhol who worked during the 1950’s as a commercial artist in NY and illustrated some children’s stories including this one. Just take a look at those illustrations from  The Magic Porridge Pot in Volume 21.

Illustrations in these books offer quite a variety and make each book an artistic treasure. I have hear a very small sample of the printed pictures since each volume is profusely illustrated.


"Eating Animal Crackers" Story


"The Billy Goats Gruff" story


"Three Little Kittens Have Lost Their Mittens" Rhyme

Each book from the Best in Children's Books series begins with a classic story with color pictures usually drawn by a renowned artist. The books normally include some beautifully illustrated poetry, a science story, a story from history, a geography travel story, and an assortment of other stories of a wide variety.  Do those story subjects sound familiar? They should, since that covers the subjects taught in elementary school (except math).

When homeschooling young children, you can cover most of what they need to learn just from reading stories. This is such a fun way to homeschool and it is a low stress method. Cuddle up on the sofa and read to your children. If they are brought up on hearing stories read.  When they were young, my children were able to remember far more from what I read to them than from what they were required to read in textbooks. Now textbooks aren't all bad. They have their place, especially in the older grades and they are certainly useful as a reference, but they can be dry and tiresome. They sometimes contribute to diminishing a child's natural curiosity and love of books.

These books (Best in Children's Books) are an example of living books...books that feed your child's imagination and give her answers, books that delight, books that stimulate children to strive toward virtue.

Actually, I originally had fewer books, but when I saw that the books are always available on eBay, I found a deal and added about 12 more books to the few that I had already.  Buying them in a lot on eBay, they often end up costing between 50 cents and a dollar for each.  I am enjoying collecting more of them.

For other great buys on living books, Best Homeschool Buys has a page that lists the LOTS of children's books that are available on eBay.  This is changing everyday so take a look regularly to see what treasures you can find that don't cost very much.


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