First Grade Learning at Home by Ann Ward

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Teach your first grader at home!

A well organized, easy-to-use curriculum manual that includes Bible, Bible memory, Language Arts, Art, Arithmetic, Health, Manners,  Responsibility, Physical Education, History, Geography, and Science.

Daily lessons are based on a four day week allowing the fifth day for field trips. Daily ideas for teaching at home. A great tool for character building and excellence in learning in an uncomplicated style!

Ann Ward Homeschool Curriculum

Ann Ward's Learning at Home includes a structured curriculum that is complete with all the needed subjects. Each week has lesson plans for Monday-Friday. The lesson plans seem very "school-like" in their approach and design.  A detailed list of concepts taught is included for all of the subjects.

Mrs Ward provides a schedule that breaks some tasks down into as little as 5 minute intervals. The children recite the days of the week, date and numbers 1-50 (progressing to 1-100) each morning. This is an excellent method for children to learn information quickly! It is rote memorization. Some key information MUST BE MEMORIZED to facilitate future learning, that builds on that foundation.

Personally, I have found that children learn more quickly when you work on a concept for a short time (like 5 minutes) with intensity and work on it frequently, like once a day.

The Learning at Home curriculum does contains some excellent ideas for teaching. One example is The Grid, which is a matching game. It is a great tool for various types of learning.

The suggestions on chores for children, are insightful.

Field trips are presented as a natural and easy way for children to learn many things. The curriculum offers some great ideas on follow-up and review after a field trip.

LEARNING AT HOME Ann Ward Preschool Kindergarten and First Grade Set of 2 Books
LEARNING AT HOME Ann Ward Preschool Kindergarten and First Grade Set of 2 Books
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