We started using Konos Curriculum with Volume One (the Yellow Book). Under the character traits of Attentiveness, Obedience, Orderliness, Trust, Stewardship, Honor, and Patience.

I love the way Konos Curriculum connects history and science to real people. We get to know the people through reading living books and then each one is added to our timeline. The timeline is a wonderful tool to  mesh together what is learned in the units.

Konos Volume 1 Timeline figures

There are 160 timeline characters that go with the Volume 1 Unit Studies.

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Following is the list of timeline characters for each character trait unit:

Volume I Timeline Characters

Jesus, Samuel, Mary, Martha, Joseph Brant, Sequoya, Hiawatha, Osceola, Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, Geronimo, Chief Joseph, Sacagawea, Pocahontas, Tecumseh, Jim Thorpe, Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone, William Clark and Meriwether Lewis, Kit Carson, Jim Bridger, Jedediah Smith, Bringham Young, John Stutter, Helen Keller, Alexander Graham Bell, Louis Braille, John James Audubon

Jesus, Joshua, Abraham, Sarah, Noah, rainbow, Adam, Eve, tree, Widen, Jonah, Lot, Paul, Timothy, Col. Alois Podhajsky, Sir Thomas More, Johannes Gutenberg, Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, Gen. George S. Patton Jr., Eddie Rickenbacker, Adm. Hyman Rickover, Gen. Douglas MacArthur, Harry Truman, Audie Murphy, Henry VIII, Richard the Lion-Hearted, Charlemagne, Elizabeth I, Mary, Queen of Scots, Queen Victoria, Esther


God, Days of Creation, Adam, Zerubbabel, Aristotle, Galileo, Johannes Kepler, Sir Isaac Newton, Linnaeus, Lamarck, Charles Darwin, Charles Babbage


Joseph, Mary, Ruth, Boaz, Naomi, David, Goliath, Saul, sheep, Eve, tree, Samson, Delilah, Daniel, lion, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, John the Baptist, Abraham, Isaac, altar, camel, Noah, Elijah, Corrie ten Boom, George Mueller, Hudson Taylor, Jim Elliot, David Copperfield, Andre Cole, M.C. Escher, Samuel Morse, John Bunyan, Robin Graham, Thor Heyerdahl, Robert Fulton, Daniel Bernouilli, Orville Wright, Wilber Wright, Charles Lingbergh, Amelia Earhart, Baron von Richthofen, Chuck Yeager

Joseph, Pharaoh, Daniel, Ken Cooper, Eric Liddell, Johann Sebastian Bach, George Fredrick Handel, David Livingstone, Teddy Roosevelt, William Mayo, Charles Mayo, Clara Barton

Joseph, Pharaoh, Jacob, Rachel, sheep, Leah, Esau, angel ascending the ladder, David, Job, George Washington Carver, Luther Burbank, Cyrus McCormic, Sir Alexander Fleming, Jane Goodall


Moses, tabernacle, Aaron, Jesus, Cain, Abel, Seth, Paul, Mary and Jesus, Ham, Shem, Japheth, Augustine, Martin Luther King Jr., Harriet Tubman, Mother Teresa, William Booth, Corrie ten Boom, Phidias, Ghiberti, Donatello, Michelangelo, Auguste Rodin, Edgar Degas, Frederic Bartholdi, Emma Lazarus, Gutzon Borglum, Alexander Calder, Henry Moore, Gregor Mendel, Fanny Crosby, Isaac Watt, Charles Wesley, John Newton, Sir Christopher Wren, Filippo Brunelleschi

Konos Curriculum

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