It's time for the 2012...

Summer Olympic Games!

Knowledge Quest has a  fun project for your kids to work on during the Olympic Games that will give them an outlet for their creative energy. They are offering a free download for this project. Hurry, since I am not sure how long it will be available!

My Country Book will help your children record their favorite Olympic moments while reinforcing their geography knowledge and providing an interesting keepsake notebook to enjoy when it is finished.

Set-up Instructions:

Provide each of your children with a 3 ring binder - ideally one with the plastic overlay for inserting a cover sheet. Open the file below entitled Country Pages. It is a 2-page file. Print one copy of the first page for each child. This is the cover sheet. Have them write their names on it and then decorate as they so choose. You may want to print some pictures from the internet that they can use to paste around the border of the page.  Or perhaps they will want to draw some athletes or sports equipment. Insert the cover sheet into the plastic overlay on the front of his/her binder.

Project Instructions:

As students begin each new country page, take a moment to look up some information on that nation in Expedition Earth or your encyclopedia. If you do not yet own a copy of Expedition Earth: My Passport to the World, now is a great time to buy one as the book is on sale at a 25% discount between now and the conclusion of the games (scroll down to access sale).

Have them find the country on the world map at the beginning of their binder. Now they can dig into their flashcards to locate the appropriate map and country flashcard to paste onto the country page. Have them record the country name and the continent where it is located. Finally the olympic achievements can be recorded on the bottom half of the sheet.

Enjoy! Let the games begin! For more information and directions,    Go to Download Page


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