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Five in a Row

Prairie Primer

Homeschool Unit Studies

Also known as Konos Character Curriculum, Konos and kids go together for fun and learning. Of the 20+ years that we have homeschooled, we used Konos Curriculum for eight years. With our four active boys and their energetic sister, we naturally thrived using this excellent curriculum that includes multi-level learning and as much activity as you can handle. The choice is yours though whether you want to stick mainly to reading aloud or whether you want to let the children learn a lot through exploration and hands-on activity. My kids who are in college now still remember what they learned in our Konos Units. We have wonderful memories of learning together with unit studies, and especially with Konos.

Five in a Row

This curriculum is especially for Preschool, Kindergarten, and Primary Children. Five in a Row is an easy to implement unit study curriculum that is a very popular choice for homeschooling your preschool and elementary-aged children. It uses excellent children's literature as a basis for each unit study.

Prairie Primer

Although developed for students in grades 3–6, Prairie Primer has been used successfully with younger as well as older students.

In addition to literature and history, The Primer covers social studies, geography, writing, science, health, nutrition, Bible, character building, and life application. Prairie Primer offers a flexible multi-level framework with a wide range of activities. Mom can tailor the study to the age, ability, and interest appropriate for her children.

Based on the Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder, The Prairie Primer opens a door to the 1800’s world of the homesteader on the American frontier. Discover that Pa and Caroline were married in the year Abraham Lincoln was elected president. Understand why men moved their families to the frontier. Learn how common diseases of the day had life-changing effects on even the isolated homes of the prairie.

The Prairie Primer: A Literature Based Unit Study Utilizing the Little House Series
By Margie Gray

No other stories have captured the hearts of 8- to 12-year-olds quite like the Little House on the Prairie series. Now these time-honored tales serve as the basis for a comprehensive homeschool unit---including cross-curricular studies in Bible, literature, science, art, creative writing, cooking, and history! Features twelve 4-week lesson plans for use with grades 3 to 6. Additional materials required. 283 pages, softcover from Cadron Creek.

The Prairie Primer is a award winning homeschool curriculum for multi-level unit study. The Prairie Primer is based on the Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Tapestry of Grace

This very popular curriculum uses the unit study approach to incorporate a classical education. The studies are based chronologically in history.  Check out the Tapestry of Grace site for in depth information about the award winning curriculum for homeschool.
Weaver Curriculum

The Weaver Curriculum is a  Bible-centered unit study homeschool curriculum. Weaver covers  PreK-12th grade. This family-based curriculum uses  Bible themes as a foundation and then supplies lessons for each student. Your children study the same main subject at the same time with individual lesson assignment geared to each child's grade level. For example if you were teaching about the plagues of Egypt, your student would learn about frogs in science, Egyptian topography in geography, pharaohs in history, etc Just think of a one-room schoolhouse where all ages are present. Like so, the whole family learns together. This fosters interaction that reinforces what is learned. It also offers opportunity for students to do activities and projects together. Children may glean information from each other. Learning in this is especially memorable for young children and elementary school aged children.  Weaver comes in several volumes and a Day by Day guide. Weaver is distributed by Alpha Omega Publications.

This is an activity-based,hands-on curriculum. The Weaver lessons have experiments, maps, wall paintings, time lines, projects, field trips, and more! Children learn while MOVING and DOING. The Weaver Curriculum is flexible letting you  decide what topics you want to teach and the activities you want to do. Weaver uses binders to organize student lessons by grade level. Many subjects are included within each volume and woven into lessons, unlike separated subject focuses like other curricula.  Subjects covered are Bible, Social Studies, Science, Geography and History, Language Arts, Health, and Art.


Amanda Bennett Unit Studies


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