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The core of this history based  curriculum is built upon an excellent selection of books for family  read aloud time as well as assigned student reading. The Sonlight homeschool curriculum gives a parent everything that is needed to get the greatest benefit from these wonderful books which are such a catalyst to spontaneous learning.

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Sonlight homeschool curriculum has a fine reputation in the homeschool community and fits the needs of many homeschooling families.

Sonlight Homeschool Curriculum Review

How to Learn More about a Homeschool Curriculum like Sonlight

I always learn the most about curriculum from other homeschoolers who use it. Many homeschool moms have blogs where they like to share insight. For example, Debra blogs about using Sonlight with her three homeschooled children. Also, review sites are very helpful such as this Sonlight Review at Here is one of those reviews. You can read many more on Homeschool Reviews  site:

  • Reviewed on Saturday, January 30, 2010
  • Grades Used: k,1,5,alt7
  • Dates used: 2008-2010
I have used K12 (way too rigid) in the past and have since been making my own curriculum. I recently needed something that was laid out for me because of time restraints in my life right now.I really liked what I saw of the Winter Promise and Sonlight curriculums. I decided to use Sonlight as our main curriculum and try adding on some of the Winter Promise (plus some other misc materials). -- Ps. I am a huge fan of Winter Promise as well as Sonlight.My biggest fear was that I would end up with something too rigid for my liking. I wanted room to add to the curriculum. I also am not a fan of too many worksheets. I love hands on activities, wonderful books, educational videos, lively discussions, writing assignments and so forth.

Sonlight gave me a wonderful guide and plenty of freedom. My younger kids get bored if we stay on a topic for too long (but love to revisit topics), so Sonlight had a wonderful pace for my kids. Sometimes I slowed it down, if my kids wanted to spend another day learning about something. I loved that there were not many worksheets. I wished there were more hands on activities incorporated in the curriculum at times. However, I am really good at adding this element to it. I love the books included, but we also added a lot more (especially with my younger kids). I love the current events, timeline... there is just so much that I love about this curriculum.

I didn't find this curriculum difficult to use at all. You just put in the pages divided up by weeks. Each week is tabbed and has your History/bible, English/phonics and Science guides together under that tab. It will have a schedule for each one, a few pages of notes and any worksheets. There are reader notes (Q&A's for each book), some other misc stuff like field trip forms and etc.

You turn to the (let's say) week 1 tab. Depending on what order you put the subjects, (mine's history, english and then science), you go to the first subjects schedule. It will say day 1, day 2... across it. List going down is each book, workbook (or what not) that you will use - and the page numbers you will use. If they added a note to help you, then there will be a N next to that assignment. You find that note on the page behind the schedule. After you go down the list (schedule) and complete those things (in any order you want), then you turn to the next subjects schedule and repeat the process. You can easily look at the schedule for each subject, for that day and see what materials you will need. Very easy to use after you spend a few days looking it over and getting comfortable with it.

On the weekends, I look ahead and see what the kids will be learning about. I print out related stuff online, look for resources online, look at videos on Netflix, preorder books at the library, make notes, think of added projects, and so forth.

You do not have to buy the suggested add ons for English. You could pick your own grammar, spelling, vocab programs. You get to pick your own Math program. You could easily add onto their existing History program. It's all very flexible.


There are plenty of people who really love Sonlight. This forum offers some reasons why people love Sonlight. Reading these is helpful. I can better predict whether the curriculum will be a good fit for my family. 🙂

The core of this history/geography centered homeschool curriculum is the wonderful selection of books for family read aloud time as well as for individual student reading. The Sonlight homeschool curriculum gives parents what they need to get the greatest benefit from these excellent books which inspire children and spark their interests.

This video shows an overview of what is in the Sonlight instructor's guide. If you don't have a way to look at a guide up close. Sonlight Instructor's Guides (find out if any are for sale right now)

There are more videos available on You Tube that continue this series of Sonlight information.