Apologia Elementary Science  This includes all the textbooks written by Jeanie Fulbright as well as many supplemental tools like lapbook kits, journals, laboratory kits, etc. The elementary Apologia includes Zoology 1,2,3, Astronomy, Anatomy and Physiology, and Botany. This homeschool science curriculum is full of wonder and awe while covering the curriculum material in a classical homeschool method. This is a strong homeschool science program.

Jeanie Fulbright elementary science

Jeanie Fulbright Science Apologia

Jeanie Fulbright Botany

Exploring Creation with Human AnatoExploring Creation with Human anatomy and Physiologymy and Physiology

The newest book in the Fulbright Science series explores the human body in great depth, giving your children a strong foundation in Human Anatomy. The course includes many projects and experiments that bring their insides up close and personal.



How do you know which science course  your student should take at the high school level?

The most important factor in determining which science is a student's mathematics level.  This factor can mean  success or failure in the secondary  sciences. Making sure  your child is  prepared mathematically for the science course he is taking, will help assure your child's  success in science.

Each of the following links to Apologia Science options offers listings on ebay for used curriculum as well as discounted new Apologia curriculum on the Christian Books.com website.

General Science

Physical Science




Advanced including Human Body

Since our family used Apologia for seventh grade through high school, you might like to see my Apologia Science Review that tells how it worked for us. Remember, every family is different. Just because a curriculum is a fit for us doesn't necessarily mean that it is right for your family. 🙂