Top Homeschool Science Curriculum

Apologia Science - find used Apologia Science for every level.

For secondary grades, Apologia science courses were a good fit for our family.  See my Apologia Science Review. We used Exploring Creation with General Science, Physical Science, Biology and Chemistry with our children. The books are non-consumable and can thus be used over and over. We highly recommend them.
Abeka Science - see what is available in science textbooks for Abeka today.
Bob Jones Science Bob Jones Press offers science curriculum for every grade level, even high level science textbooks for high school.  As with Abeka, Bob Jones is less oriented to homeschool students since it was developed for classroom situations.
Considering God's Creation
Teach natural science from a biblical perspective with this gigantic 272-page book plus Teacher's Manual with free audio CD
This unique curriculum is adaptable for 2nd to 7th grade and is especially useful for notebooking methods and making lapbooks of learned material.
Science Curriculum notebook lapbook

Hands-On Science - Discovery through Observation and Experiments. Using library books and science kits is a great way to teach and learn during the elementary grades. Some families may prefer a textbook curriculum for the early grades, but we preferred library books and hands on activities and observation.

Sonlight Science

Switched on Schoolhouse  Science - CD Rom Curriculum with easy record keeping. See what SOS science curriculum  is available by grade level.

Answers In Genesis - offers a multitude of texts and other books useful in homeschool that teach science from a biblical creation perspective.