See how All About Reading works:

I chose this video because it really shows you that All About Reading is user friendly, multi-sensory, and even fun for children.  Little Anya reviews with flashcards, learns new sound with flashcards, puts together words with the new sounds using the wonderful Magnet Tile Board that is such a popular learning tool with the All About Reading program.  All of this in just over 10 minutes.

Thanks to Carrie Causey for this great You Tube video that helps us see an All About Reading lesson live.

There is loads of  information is available about All About Reading Level 1  at the All About Learning website.

See what is included in All About Reading:

Homeschool Reading

All About Reading Level 1
by Marie Rippel
All About Learning Press
Price: Basic package $79.95  Deluxe package $119.95

All About Reading Level 1--Overview

Learning Style - Multisensory
Reading Approach - Phonics
One-on-one instruction (Tutor to student)
Teacher Involvement - high
Time needed for preparation -very little




Marie Rippel has given us another winning curriculum that is destined to win awards for its comprehensive multisensory approach to reading, its ease of use, and its proven results. On top of that, it is a delightful way to teach a child to read!

Marie's All About Spelling curriculum quickly became a top spelling curriculum for homeschool families and many have used All About Spelling as an important supplement to reading instruction.

Marie answered the need for a more developed reading program with the same approach used in All About Spelling.

There are five key components of reading—  and All About Reading teaches all of them thoroughly. Those components are:

  1. Phonological Awareness
  2. Phonics and Decoding
  3. Fluency
  4. Vocabulary
  5. Comprehension

The Teacher's Manual is very easy to follow. The last thing I busy parent needs is a long, indepth guide that involves tons of time to digest and apply to teaching your child. I love how succinct, yet thorough, this manual is for a new teacher or for those who have experience.
Page 1- What You Need -describes the components of the curriculum:
Student Packet- includes the activity book, phonogram cards, word cards, and the viewfinder bookmark

Interactive Kit- Letter Tiles, Divider Cards (for file box that comes with Deluxe Kit or you can use your own),

Phonogram CD - that pronounces the phonogram sounds

The Deluxe Kit includes a nice file box for the cards and dividers, a tote bag to keep all the program components, Stickers for the Progress Chart


Common Craft Materials

Magnet Board

Supplement Reader - Optional

The Golden Guarantee
All About Reading comes with an unheard of guarantee, if you are still on the fence about trying another curriculum. The "Go Ahead and Use It" one-year guarantee gives you one full year to try out the curriculum. Then, if it has not met your needs, you can return the materials at any time within one year of your purchase for a full refund and no questions asked.

I call it the Golden Guarantee because it eliminates your risk of spending money on a curriculum that ends up not suiting your family

Lifetime support.
If you ever have a question, you can get help. The website is user friendly and has so much helpful articles. You can always contact Marie directly if you need special help and she will be glad to offer suggestions.

Price: Basic package $79.95  Deluxe package $119.95

Follow the link for a review for All About Reading: Level 1-- Readers.


This review is in progress. Check back as more details are added.