Phonics & Reading Curriculum for Homeschool

Teaching your child to read is one of the most rewarding experiences a parent can have. The best foundation for reading (for most children) is a phonics learning program. There are many excellent programs available for homeschoolers or for parents that help their children learn how to read.

(All About Reading is not yet available on eBay- at least at the time of this article). It is a new curriculum that is so popular, homeschoolers are keeping their curriculum rather than selling on eBay)

All About Reading uses multisensory lessons so each child can learn in the way his brain works naturally—through sight, sound, or touch—which enables the child to retain what he has learned. Plus, All About Reading is mastery-based so each child can learn at his own pace—meaning the program is totally customizable to each student, ensuring that no matter what your child’s learning style is, he can learn to read with our program. Some children can learn to read with almost any program, but this program incorporates alternate methods that are helpful for children that learn differently learn how to read. The program is guaranteed. You  have a full year to try out All About Reading (or All About Spelling) If you find that the curricula do not meet your needs, just return the materials  within 1 year  for a full refund. A company cannot afford to make that kind of guarantee unless it really delivers what it claims.

The All About Reading and All About Spelling website is all new this year. It is simple to maneuver and answers so many questions.  The testimonies of happy customers are worth reading.

Phonics Curriculum for Homeschool

Used Phonics programs are a great bargain when they are in good condition.

Here at Best Homeschool Buys, we try to connect visitors to popular Phonics Curricula that is being sold by other homeschool families on eBay.

Sing, Spell, Read and Write is  great program that most children will find entertaining since it uses multi-sensory  approaches to present the sounds and lessons, teaching reading,writing, and spelling. It is a  phonics based program using  music to reinforce reading skills for children.  Sing, Spell, Read and Write takes your child through 36 carefully sequenced steps to learn to read, write and spell. The program  includes a 1,500 word vocabulary which is 3 times more words than are usually taught in most school-based programs!. Now available is Sing Spell Read & Write for preschool. (click for New and Used Sing, Spell, Read and Write) Read a review.

Hooked on Phonics: Since it's release years ago, Hooked on Phonics has been the answer for many struggling readers. It  is an award-winning program that uses proven learning methods to provide kids with a strong foundation in phonics and reading. (click for New and Used Hooked on Phonics) or Read a review.

Phonics Museum published by Veritas Press adds an artistic theme to learning how to read. (click for New and Used Phonics Museum or Read a review.)

Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons by Siegfried Engelmann. For some children, the simple method taught by this book is all they need to take off in reading. (click for new and used Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons or Read a review.)

Explode the Code- Many homeschoolers have found Explode the Code phonics workbooks to be indispensable to teaching children to read. (click for new and used Explode the Code or Read a review.)

Saxon Phonics (click for new and used Saxon Phonics or Read a review.)

Alphaphonics (click for new and used Alphaphonics or Read a review.)
I highly recommend Ruth Beechick's set of three books called The 3 R's
Include 3 books are

1. A Home Start in Reading
2. An Easy Start in Arithmetic
3. A Strong Start in Language

Reading these short books gave me confidence to teach my young children and helped me relax into an easier homeschooling style that fits comfortably with family life. I often referred to these books when I felt overwhelmed by the curriculum we were using. Ruth explains simple ways of teaching children that mesh with home life and are very low pressure. Her methods are practical and help the teacher introduce basic concepts in the areas of reading, language, and arithmetic. These books are classics and have stood the test of time for instructing parents how easy homeschooling can be. Highly recommended!

For Phonics Readers:

My daughter learned to read fast at the age of 4, but it took her four brothers much longer. They needed a lot of time with very basic books to practice the phonics skills they were learning. We checked out every book of this type at our library, we wrote and illustrated our own stories that used the basic short vowel one syllable words like mat, cat, pat OR tot, got, hot, shot. One of our favorite book sets that we ended up buying was the Bob Books. They were funny and made the boys laugh as they read the easy sentences.

We also used the Abeka K Summer Reading Library. This set consists of 55 little books in three sizes.  The books get bigger with more to read as the child progresses through them and as their reading skill improves. Rather than repeat myself, you can hop on over to read the post I wrote about the Abeka K Summer Reading Library to see if it is what will meet your needs.

Teaching phonics is one of the most important parts of early homeschooling. If you would like to read more click on: Which Phonics Program?

For Making Phonics Lapbooks in Homeschool:

Connect learning phonics to seeing, hearing, and touching to assure memory retention.

I really like the paper cat idea from this lapbook video. The cat's head flips to show different expression. Really cute. Every item made into the lapbook: Pat, Mat, Hat and  Cat is a little booklet that can be written on or added to .  Young children especially benefit from this type of hands-on learning.

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