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Math U See Manipulatives

Homeschool Math U See Curriculum

Each level listed below is an integral part of a complete and comprehensive curriculum. While each book has a specific theme, Math·U·See continuously reviews and integrates previously mastered concepts.

Math U See Overview

Steve Demme, author of Math-U-See, describes the levels of arithmetic as follows:

First the child learns Counting. Then comes Addition (Subtraction). Next they will learn Multiplication (Division). Finally Exponents (Roots) is taught. Each one of these levels is a  faster way of doing the prior level and the concepts are used in all levels of mathematics. The difference is what kind of numbers the student is using. In the Math-U-See system students learn the first three levels with whole numbers first. This  includes memorizing the math facts without counting fingers. Once mastered they can move on to fractions, then to decimals, then integers, and finally algebra.
Each of the first 3 level concepts is repeated using the different kinds of numbers.  This builds a solid, logical foundation

Explicit instruction is provided for the teacher by teaching skills directly for math through the videos.  Math U See author Steve Demme's  lessons are short and to the point. The lessons average only 4-7 minutes each. The lessons use multi sensory tools,  which are designed to capture visual, auditory, and kinesthetic interest all at once in . The manupulatives and DVDs communicate clearly.

Each level offers assessment and frequent opportunities for review. PROGRESS MONITORING such as this gives helpful  feedback to make sure the student masters the concepts.

Math U See Highlights:

1. Math skills are taught explicitly
2. There is a definite, logical sequence of concept instruction that is systematic and cumulative
3. A structured, step-by-step procedure for introducing, reviewing, and practicing concepts
4. Multi-sensory tools to engage the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic channels simultaneously in rapid succession
5. Continuous, ongoing assessment and progress monitoring allow for frequent opportunities to re-teach

Math-U-See has a flexible approach that fits well with many learning styles.

Classical Homeschooling:
Memorization of facts in the early grades. The mastery of concepts is required for each level.

Traditional teaching methods:
Math concepts are taught by dvd with workbooks giving practice as well as review.

The Charlotte Mason approach:
Math U See lessons are short and "twaddle"-free. There are many opportunities for hands-on learning. Also,children are encouraged to narrate the math concepts.

Unit Studies:
Topics are organized by concept. This helps students see that math ideas are related to one another and the whole mathematics framework.

Relaxed/Unschooling approach:
Math U See books are not for specific grade levels. Students can easily work at their own pace.


The video below is a testimonial from a mother who found Math U See to be the best Homeschool Math Curriculum for her student.

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