Homeschoolers can choose from a variety of math programs.

Math U See teaches math skills explicitly. There is a definite, logical sequence instructing math concepts that is systematic and cumulative. Math U See has a structured, step-by-step procedure for introducing, reviewing, and practicing concepts. Math U See uses multi-sensory tools that engage the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic channels simultaneously in rapid succession. Math U See offers continuous and ongoing assessment and progress monitoring which allows for frequent opportunities to re-teach when needed. Need more information? See Math U See reviews.  See what used Math U See is available today.

Saxon Math is a popular math program that continues to be a top choice among homeschooling families. Saxon uses an incremental approach that emphasizes mastery  with practice and review. Save when you buy used Saxon math. See reviews of Saxon K-8. See reviews of Secondary Saxon Courses

Singapore math is a reasonably priced program helps children learn to think mathematically rather than requiring them to memorize techniques for problem solving. Many children have had success with this program after having a struggle with a more traditional math curriculum.  Many homeschool families sell their used Singapore Math . See what used Singapore Math books are listed for sale this week. See reviews.

Homeschool Math

Teaching Textbooks The  CDs contain 10-15 minute lectures for every lesson in the printed textbook. They also feature multimedia step-by-step explanations to the practice problemswith each lesson. The CDs are especially good for students who learn better by listening and watching than by reading. Read about our personal experience with Teaching Textbook Algebra.



Chalk Dust Math is a great help to parents who do not fell equipped to teach higher level math. This homeschool math program made Cathy Duffy's Top 100 list which can be considered an award.



Alpha Omega Horizons

Alpha Omega's Horizons Math

One user says"We LOVE Horizons. Yes, compared to similar math programs it is advanced and moves quickly. However, the beauty of homeschooling is that we can adapt any curriculum to fit our own personal requirements. It is easy to stretch one lesson over several days or a week until the concepts are thoroughly grasped. There are numerous websites with free lessons/worksheets that tie in nicely with Horizons."  See more  reviews from

Used A Beka Geometry - see more: (See the recent  Abeka Geometry Post)


Math U See uses manipulatives that help children visualize math concepts. Manipulatives also offer opportunities for hands-on learning. In the video below, one parent gives details about why she likes Math U See and how it has helped her children learn math: