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Foreign Language Programs for Homeschool

Rosetta Stone has lately become the most popular foreign language instruction program for both homeschool students as well as the general population. Other programs such as Power Glide now known as PowerSpeak12 and The Learnables continue to have a loyal following among homeschoolers and offer different ways of learning a language. Each program has its strengths. If you don't know much about what these foreign language programs offer, take a look at each one their home websites to see which one will best fit your needs. Also, read a review on each one.

Rosetta Stone Software
Consider this before you buy this expensive program.
1. Learning a new language is rewarding, but it also requires a lot of time. A student that takes this language course should be motivated since Rosetta Stone is a learning system and will take a year working every day in order to become fluent enough to really use the language.

2. If your student is committed to learning a language, seriously consider buying all 3 levels of Rosetta Stone at once. Even though it is expensive, it is far cheaper that buying the years one at a time. Besides, you won't need 3 sets of headphones.

Supplemental products to use with Rosetta Stone: (Substitute your language choice  for Spanish in the following suggestions)
A Spanish/English dictionary
Spanish children's books from the library
Watch movies in Spanish or watch Spanish TV if available
(hearing the language will help you with the sound and rhythm of the language.)

If you need to learn more about Rosetta Stone, they offer a free lesson CD.. Try that first.

PowerSpeak is the new name for Power Glide (which was an excellent audio based language program). Now, like Rosetta Stone, Power Speak is combining multi-sensory learning by adding in interactive learning using video. Since Rosetta Stone has become so widely popular, Power-Glide has revamped their product to offer a new truly competitive foreign language program for homeschool or for anyone who wants to learn a language. PowerSpeak12 offers interactive language courses that are age-based that make learning  fast, effective, and entertaining. The PowerspeaK¹² games and activities help students learn in a fun and engaging way. PowerSpeak12 breaks away from boring textbooks and offers a learning program that is truly different.

One example of the method used by PowerSpeak (formally Power-Glide) is the Diglot Weave.

The Diglot Weave, from the Greek di, meaning two, and glot, meaning language, is a breakthrough in language learning. This methodology smoothly weaves the new language into the learners' own, taking them from the familiar to the unfamiliar. Gradually moving from their own language to the target language quickly builds comprehension skills and increases confidence.

You may recall stories written in a style that replaces words with pictures. A story written in this style is called a rebus. Diglot Weaves build on the rebus methodology by introducing the actual foreign words into the story.

While it may seem at first to be simple random word replacement, the process is carefully and deliberately designed to lead the learner to an understanding of the foreign language. Like a puzzle, learners fit together unfamiliar words and phrases with those that are familiar. In this way, they begin to think in the foreign language by understanding the underlying rules for composing sentences.

More information from their home sites:


PowerSpeak12 (formally Power-Glide)

Try Before You Buy!
Take a free trial and access a week's worth of course material. See how a student is engaged in contextual learning activities, games, and interactive quizzes to make learning a new language fun and intuitive. See how powerspeaK¹² exposes students to a story in their native language and gradually transitions words and phrases from the story into the new language, making comprehension and retention of the new words almost effortless. Check out the Calendar to plan your activities, get guidance from your online advisor, and accumulate points to buy accessories for your personal avatar (online character) as you win rewards for key achievements. Choose from among multiple levels and multiple languages to get a true taste of powerspeaK¹²’s quality.

The Learnables - The Learnables is a proven linguistic sequence combined with thousands of carefully drawn pictures and clearly spoken recordings by native speakers assures success. Language comprehension is quick, enabling you to think in the foreign language.

Our family used the Spanish Learnables when my children were in elementary school. Our aim was to get exposure and interest in Spanish, not to pursue a disciplined, incremental language program. We really enjoyed listening while looking at the illustrations of what was being said on  the audio. It was so very easy to use. The program is based on learning by hearing the language in context which is the way young children learn to speak their native tongue.

Find out how this program works at the home site.

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