The classical approach to teaching and learning has been followed my many who homeschool.  Many unit study curricula have a classical approach to education in varying degrees such as Tapestry of Grace and Konos.
The Well Trained Mind & The Story of the World Series:
Susan Wise Bauer, classically educated and a homeschool parent wrote a best selling book  on how to give your child a classical education. Her book, The Well-Trained Mind inspired me to aim higher for my children's education. Logic and foreign language had been slipping through the cracks. I have never been able to be nearly as thorough and complete as the plan her book lays out, but reading it helped us strive for more.  We loved the stories in The Story of the World series. They are actually great for all ages though they are suggested for elementary students.  The activity book that goes along with the Story of the World series is  offers many hands on activities that go along with the history that is being studies. Print outs from the activity book would be easy to incorporate into lapbooks, notebooks, or other forms of organizing material that is learned. Go to our Well Trained Mind page to see what is available for sale this week.

Veritas Press is a classical education curriculum for christian schools and home school. Veritas produces a beautiful homeschool catalog that is my favorite catalog to get in the mail. Some of the products include:
Verita Press Omnibus
Veritas Press Phonics Museum
Veritas Press Sets
Veritas Press History

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