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See what Homeschool Curriculum is available today :

Complete Curriculum

  • Switched on Schoolhouse - interactive Christian curriculum that is computer based and requires less teacher time.
  • Tapestry of Grace - A Christian homeschool curriculum that utilizes unit studies that incorporate classical teaching methods and achievement.
  • Reading Horizons
  • Homeschool Language Arts Curriculum
    • Easy Grammar -Spend less time on Grammar, but learn what you need to know.
    • Growing With Grammar
    • LLATL- Learning Language Arts Through Literature- the title says it all! For many this curriculum proves to be enjoyable and more relaxed than many traditional Language Arts Curriculums.
    • Shurley English - Highly successful English curriculum. Structured and complete, Shurley is often used in classical schools.
    • Writing Strands- uses an incremental approach to writing that helps the student learn responsibility for his/her own learning and writing assignments.
    • Spelling Power- This award winning program turned out to be my favorite spelling program after we had tried a half dozen others.
    • Wordly Wise -easy to use vocabulary workbook curriculum that is very thorough and doesn't take a lot of time to complete.

  • Math Curricula

    • Math U See by level
    • Saxon Math by level- a tried and true incremental math curriculum that has been solidly approved by a large number of families like ours, for its easy adaptation to our homeschool math needs.
    • Singapore Math
  • Science for Homeschool
    • Apologia Science - this curriculum was written for and to homeschoolers and independent learners. Written by Jay Wile the textbooks with lab were quickly received enthusiastically by the homeschool community as a better option for homeschools than Abeka or Bob Jones high school sciences. The original versions of these science books have been improved and updated and the Apologia site continues to offer support for their products.
    • Answers In Genesis
    • Abeka Science
    • Bob Jones Science
  • History Homeschool Curricula- There's always a lot to choose from...it's just hard to decide!

    • ACE Social Studies
    • All Through The Ages
    • Beautiful Feet History one of out family's favorites.  Also, it is inexpensive.
      See my Beautiful Feet Curriculum review.

    • Childhood of Famous Americans Series - READ!... an easy and painless way to learn history.
    • A Child’s History of the World - A Child's History of the World is a classic. Written shortly after World War I by Calvert School's first Head Master, Virgil Hillyer, this history storybook combines charm with facts to stimulate young minds and leave them yearning for more information. This volume of A Child's History of the World contains 79 stories that start at the beginning of time and reach to the present.
    • A Child’s Story of America by Susan Wise Bauer inspired by -A Well Trained Mind (curl up on the sofa and read these stories aloud to your children. Susan has done a wonderful job - history comes alive in these stories!)
    • Drive Thru History Series
    • Evan-Moor History Pockets
    • Henty Historical Fiction - highly recommended by Vision Forum and The Robinson Curriculum. Reading good historical fiction makes history come alive for all of us!
    • Diana Waring-History- Diana makes learning history
    • History Through the Ages Timelines - I consider these the best timeline packages available. The pen and ink art for the events and people are unsurpassed by any other timeline system that I have seen for homeschool.
    • The Mystery of History- I'm hearing lots of good comments on this relatively new curriculum. I haven't seen it yet, so I can't comment further.
    • Remembering God’s Awesome Acts- We used this one year. It is an ancient history that is thoroughly Bible centered. The curriculum offers plenty of hands-on lapbook/notebook type projects that contribute to the learning of the material and also offer opportunity for creativity which a lot of students adore.
    • Truthquest History- The thing I like about Truthquest history is that it offers a guide and food for thought, discussion, etc. that goes along with history study that is accomplished by choosing books to read from the recommended book list. The author recognizes that history is not neutral and actions and ideas have consequences. (Has a biblical view)
    • Usborne Book of World History- We used this book as a supplement to several of the homeschool curricula that we used- especially with Konos Curriculum.
  • Geography Songs- a great way to learn the countries of the world as well as the states and there capitals in the US-This is an A+ product well used by by Simmons family.
    • Foreign Language for Homeschool
      • Rosetta Stone -Award winning multi-sensory language course in almost any language you choose. Has been well received by Homeschool Foreign Language seekers.
      • Power-Glide- another language course that is popular with homeschool families.
      • The Learnables I like this learning system for younger children, particularly. Easy to use. Just play audios while looking at the pictures that illustrate what is being said. The Learnables laims that this is the most natural and the easiest way to learn a language.
  • The Robinson Curriculum -one-of-a-kind curriculum that develops a self teaching in students. Children learn by reading top quality books, writing every day, and developing perseverance in math that allows them to study the math lessons thoroughly and then to continue to problem solve and try different approaches until the figure out what they don't initially understand.  ( We used this method for 2 years and our children made very good progress)
  • Art
  • Christian Discipleship and Training
    • Doorposts- The best Bible and character development  resources for families that I have ever seen.
    • Vision Forum Books & Videos -thought provoking resources that apply Biblical principles to practical living.
  • Toys and Games
    • Discovery Toys -some of the most fun and creative learning toys for kids- fun for adults, too.
    • Aristoplay Games -These are very original games that offer great learning potential to the players. Fun and learning are combined. Great for family night!
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