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Vision Forum's dolls were not available when my daughter, Sara, was playing with dolls. We bought her an American Girl doll and she loved it. It became her "daughter".

Liberty Doll, Jubilee Doll, Abigail Doll, Fidelia Doll

Abigail Doll, Liberty Doll, Jubilee Doll, Fidelia Doll

Like the American Girl dolls, Vision Forum's dolls have clothing that relates to history. The neat thing about the Vision Forum dolls is that you can have one doll and then dress her for each history period that your child learns about. For instance, your little girls can act out history as they dress their doll in the available historical costumes. Liberty can cross the ocean to New England as Priscilla Mullins. She can be a guide to Lewis and Clark, helping them find the Northwest Passage as Sacagawea. She can serve ice cream at the White House as Dolley Madison or walk the deck of the Titanic as Nan Harper. What fun to let her climb the Alps as Maria von Trapp and sing "The Sound of Music" Also, each costume has a coordinating book available about the character from history. The books are wonderful, but any history story or biography about the time period or the historical character that your family reads aloud can accomplish the inspiration of the historically motivated play.

18 Inch Doll's Historical Costumes

18 Inch Doll's Historical Costumes

Vision Forum offers 4 dolls: Liberty, Jubilee, Abigail, Fidelia. They are all 18" dolls but each one has different features. You can choose the one that looks most like your family or just the one that you like the best!

So these dolls can serve two purposes....

an extension of your homeschool history studies or just for regular Mommy/Baby pretend play. When little girls play with their dolls, they are practicing to be a mother someday. A little girl looks to her mother as a role model and she can play out her mother role with her own dolls. This is the type of play that I loved to encourage in my daughter, Sara.

Detail Information about Liberty Dolls from Vision Forum.
(This information also pertains to the other 3 available dolls, Jubilee, Abigail, and Fidelia)

Liberty is made by the Goetz doll company and is exquisitely crafted.
Liberty has soft brown hair and lovely blue eyes.Liberty can stand and sit alone. As durable as she is lovely, Liberty is ready to be hugged and squeezed with love! Liberty comes wearing a feminine dress in pink, complete with socks and shoes.

Additional savings: Purchase two or more dolls and receive a 10% savings off the regular retail price. Or purchase the entire Beautiful Girlhood Doll Collection and receive a $55 savings!

Extra Information: Doll is 18" tall and is the same size as The American Girls Collection® dolls, but is not the same size as the Elsie Dinsmore doll. Liberty comes with a pink dress outfit and thirteen additional outfits are also available, sold separately.

Caring for Liberty: Liberty’s hair is very high quality and is fully rooted; it may be brushed with a plastic brush. Her hair can be washed with a mild shampoo and her body can be gently cleaned with a mild soap.

If you, like Sara, already have an American Girl doll, you might be interested in looking at Vision Forum's historical costumes that correspond with your family's homeschool studies. Vision Forum also offers a wooden doll family set that is great for pretend play.

There are so many other unique or vintage toys at Vision Forum Classic Toys

To learn more, visit our Classic Toys page that offers many other vintage type classics.

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