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Tapestry of Grace Homeschool Curriculum


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The following auction is up for Tapestry of Grace Year 2. Hurry, because this one ends on Jul 22, 2012 PM.

Tapestry of Grace curriculum 2


This auction is for The Complete Tapestry of Grace Year 2 Set

Second Printing. Copyright date: 2007, 2008

There is nothing missing from the set. All items are in excellent condition. There is no writing or marking on anything. Unit 4 is still in shrink wrap!

This set includes:

Year 2 Tapestry of Grace Print 2nd Edition

Year 2 The Loom CD

Year 2 Tab Set

Year 2 Evaluations All Levels  Stand-alone CD

Year 2 MapAids Stand-alone CD

($382.50 VALUE!)


Product Descriptions:

Year 2 Tapestry of Grace Print 2nd Edition ($295.00-new)

Explore the Middle Ages and more, from Byzantium to the New World. Tapestry of Grace is the award-winning homeschool curriculum that uses the history of the world to guide your whole family through an amazing humanities education. Want to know more? Explore Tapestry with video introductions and free samples!

Tapestry works for your whole family.K–3rd graders get opportunities for lots of hands-on projects, storybooks, and read-alouds. 4th–6th graders get more independent work and interesting chapter books. 6th–9th graders get in more challenging assignments that help them make vital learning connections. 10th–12th graders get worldview discussions that will help them to succeed in life. Dad gets a family that is all on the same page, so he can lead them in a single educational conversation, and you get confidence and help to take your family on the adventure of the homeschoooling journey.

Year 2 Loom CD

The Loom is a crucial Internet and CD-ROM resource that provides introductory and set-up information, teaching helps, and is an easy source for printing student pages. No need to purchase pages for each student. Print these pages as you go.

Year 2 Tab Set ($12.50-new)

Year 2 Evaluations All Levels Stand-alone CD ($50- new)

Evaluations provide an easy way to assess your students' progress. These are complete collections of tests and quizzes that have been custom-written for Tapestry. They include at least one quiz per week, plus unit-end and year-end exams, and answer keys. Moms use Evaluations for determining grades, demonstrating progress or retention to oversight authorities, or as extra reinforcement/review for the weekly lesson.

Year 2 MapAids Stand-alone CD ($25.00 new) Geography is one of the integrated subjects in Tapestry of Grace. MapAids is a collection of all the maps you'll need to teach children of any age, organized according to the weeks you use them. The teacher's maps serves as your answer key. There are maps for the grammar levels and for the dialectic and rhetoric levels. As an added bonus we provide overlay maps so your older students can produce their own transparency map notebook.

This curriculum has a home site that answers amost any question you might have about this curriculum. Also, you can buy new Tapestry curriculum at Tapestry of

This is a very popular homeschool Christian curriculum that is being used by more families every year. Find out why Tapestry of Grace  is  winning awards? We are happy to recommend Tapestry of Grace.