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"We are planning to begin using Sonlight as our primary homeschool curriculum. We are new to homeschooling and would like to ask others who have more experience. Since Sonlight is expensive, we are wondering if instead of purchasing the core sets fromSonlight, is it possible to pieces them together without a lot of trouble? Have any of you done that with success? Is it not worth the trouble? What are some sources for buying used Sonlight curriculum materials?"  : ) .... Evelyn

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Dear Evelyn,

I applaud your choice of Sonlight for homeschool. It is a great curriculum if you work best with a laid out, day by day homeschool curriculum. Some people, you should know, have gotten burned out on Sonlight because they tried to do everything prescribed. I want you to have a good experience with homeschooling and Sonlight so be sure to tailor the curriculum to your children rather than conforming you children to the curriculum.....and please don't try to do everything in the guide.

Now, concerning your question about piecing together your all means, go ahead!
Many parents have bought the Sonlight guide (See what Sonlight Instructor's Guides are available this week) and then purchase the books on their own. I have found books  Sonlight books at  garage sales, at thrift stores, at, and other sites online where used curriculum is sold. Certainly ebay is a good place to look, or better yet, look at Best Homeschool Buys since that site has store pages devoted to the different Sonlight levels. Also, you can get some of the workbooks for cheaper prices at places like Rainbow or amazon or on other used homeschool curriculum boards like:

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We are not using Sonlight as our only curriculum but we do incorporate the books into our unit studies. I have been quite happy with my quest for used homeschool books from the Sonlight list.


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