Have you ever looked for used Sonlight Guides? Best Homeschool Buys has a store page devoted to Sonlight Instructor's Guides that are selling at discount prices since they are pre-owned...used by another Sonlight family.



You can look for used Sonlight Instructor's Guides if you want to save money.  If you don't want used guides, you can click to the Sonlight.com for new Sonlight Instructor's Guides.

Some of the slightly used Sonlight Instructor's Guides that were available over the last few weeks are pictured in a screen shot below. The selling prices ranged from $20 to $30 for just the instructor's guide. Click: Used  Sonlight Instructor's Guides to See what used guides are available today.

Core Sonlight IG

Core Sonlight IG

The following Sonlight Instructor's Guides were available for sale on eBay recently:

These were two used Sonlight Core Instructor's Guides available for sale the week of Feb 14, 2010. I have included a picture and description of each Sonlight Guide that was for sale.

Sonlight Instructor's Guide-Level 2

Sonlight Instructor's Guide-Level 2

(ENDING: May, 2010) -Sonlight Core 2 Instructor's Guide **Check  the Sonlight Instructor's Guides page see what is available this week.

Introduction to World History Part 2

Language Arts Instruction and Activity Sheets (has a few pages with writing in pencil)

Reader Study Guides

Read Aloud Study Guide

General Science C Instruction and Activity Sheets

36 week schedule, 4 and 5 day week option

Sonlight Instuctors Guide K-2

Sonlight Instuctors Guide K-2

( May 23, 2010)-now over Check  the Sonlight Instructor's Guides page see what is available this week.

Instructor's guide includes resources for teaching all core subjects to your young child:

full schedule (5 days or 4 days) including Bible reading and memorization assignments;

Teaching Helps and study guides for History and Read-Alouds.

The Sonlight Instructor's Guides detailed in this article are examples of what Sonlight Guides were available the week the post was written. Please click on one of the links in the post to see what you can find this week. Happy hunting!