If you are considering Sonlight as your homeschool curriculum...

The best way to learn how the Sonlight homeschool curriculum works is to order a Sonlight catalog. Sonlight produces a beautiful full color catalog that is a pleasure to browse through. Not only does the Sonlight catalog feature all the Sonlight products like the instructor's guide and all the great literature and history books that are part of the complete curriculum, but the catalog also explains the various ways that you can fit Sonlight to your specific family.

Every family has different needs...the children are different ages and working at different levels. With Sonlight you can work out your plan so that you can teach them together for certain subjects like History, Literature, and Bible and teach them separately for other subjects like Math and Reading skills.

Sonlight provides the catalog at no charge. You are not obligated to order anything.

Sonlight Curriculum

Sonlight Curriculum

1. Browse the Sonlight Catalog

2. Download your Sonlight catalog


3.  Order a Sonlight catalog

I recommend that you order a catalog from the Sonlight Site (Click on "Sonlight Catalog" link above) that will be mailed to you. That way you can sit in your comfortable chair after supper and read and browse at your leasure. I love my copy!  You can learn how Sonlight works ( if you have questions) since it is clearly laid out in the catalog OR you can plan your next order.

Remember to check Best Homeschool Buys'  Used Sonlight pages for used Sonlight curricula listed each day on eBay.

It's easy to save money if you check around.  See other used homeschool curricula sites listed at the end of this post.

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