Sonlight Curriculum is the favorite of many homeschool families.  Get ready to study World History through. Many of you like to piece your curriculum components together. Some do it to save money, others so that they can pick and choose elements of the Sonlight curriculum to mesh with other favorite curriculum choices.  Every day, new Sonlight lots are sold on eBay. These are homeschooling families selling to other homeschooling families.  When I buy used curriculum, I always feel good for two reasons: 1) I get my books for less and 2) I help a homeschool family liquidate money to buy next year's curriculum.

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Sonlight Homeschool

Sonlight Core 7 studies World History and this is part 2 of that study.

Complete 4-day schedule: Bible, History, Readers, Read-Aloud & Poetry

Purchased from the 2009 catalog. Gently-used or unused.

Includes the weekly schedule (4-day & 5-day), addendums, teaching guidelines, and the binder. All are in excellent condition. We've marked "Core 7" on the spine of the binder. The schedule has penciled notes (mostly in the first few weeks) that can be easily erased.

The following titles are included ( in order of use):

By Subject:

  1. * The BBC Manual
  2. * But Don't All Religions Lead to God?
  3. * How to Stay Christian in High School
  4. * Live Like a Jesus Freak
  5. * Daring to Live on the Edge
  6. * The Story of the World: Early Modern Times
  7. * The Usborne Encyclopedia of World History
  8. * George Washington's World
  9. * The Story of the World: The Modern Age
  10. * The King's Fifth
  11. * The Iron Peacock
  12. * The Ghost in the Tokaido Inn
  13. * Stowaway
  14. * In Search of Honor
  15. * The Broken Blade
  16. * Betsy and the Emporer
  17. * Homeless Bird
  18. * Nory Ryan's Song
  19. * The Good Master
  20. * Angel on the Square
  21. * Year of Impossible Goodbyes
  22. * Snow Treasure
  23. * I Am David
  24. * It's a Jungle Out There!
  25. * The Breadwinner
  26. *  A Murder for Her Majesty
  27. * The Dark Frigate
  28. * Escape Across the Wide Sea
  29. * The Kidnapped Prince
  30. * The Arrow Over the Door
  31. * The Sherwood Ring
  32. * A Heart Strangely Warmed
  33. * Mary Jones & Her Bible
  34. * Banner in the Sky
  35. * The Singing Tree
  36. * Number the Stars
  37. * Endless Steppe
  38. * God's Smuggler
  39. * Painless Poetry (Language Arts)

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Combining  Grade Levels with Sonlight

Large families often combine children from different levels to study through Sonlight together:

Sonlight curriculum 1, 2, 6 and  7 based on world history, with levels 1 and 2 taking two years to study world history from the beginning to modern times at an early elementary level.  Many families choose to combine several children of widely spaced ages by using resources from these Sonlight levels.

See some of the Sonlight resources that one family recommends for this study using while using Sonlight 2, a one-year introduction to world history (now Alternate 2), and Sonlight 6, when their older 2 children were 11 and 7.