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Sonlight K-6 Language Arts Instructor's Guides

For a more in depth list of what is included, look inside the Sonlight Language Arts Guide.

Overview of most of what is included:

-For the teacher,  provides enhanced notes each week. The answers are conveniently printed within the teaching notes so it is all together.

-A year of creative writing adventures

-Innovative lessons that increase vocabulary, teach punctuation, and encourage a love for writing.

-Student Activity Sheets include dictation to help your children learn to write based on excellent models from great books.

-The Grammar Gems highlight, explain and reinforce language arts concepts. They get to practice the skills they are learning in context. The grammar work also encourages writing in a wide variety of genres everyday.

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Sonlight Language Arts instructor's guide is part of the Sonlight curriculum.

Hear Sarita Holzmann tell the story behind Sonlight's new Language Arts Guides. Download the MP3.

The Sonlight Curriculum is a popular core choice among homeschooling families.

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