Sonlight 1 books

Introduction to World History, Part 1- Sonlight 1

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Each Sonlight Core includes the Instructor's Guide, History and Geography, Books to Read-Aloud and Readers for your children to read alone.

Core 1 - Introduction to World History, Part 1

Start by choosing your Core 1 Package, which includes the Instructor's Guide, History/Geography, Read-Alouds, and your choice of Reader Package Below.

Sonlight 1 takes you and your family to ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece, Europe, Africa, India, and China covering history from creation through the fall of the Roman Empire. The people and the time period come to life as you read captivating stories  that will fuel your imagination. Sonlight I is the first half of a 2 year introductory course in World History. The flexibility of Sonlight allows you to use this program as for teaching your children in grade 1, 2, or 3 so that you can learn as a family, though you have children at different grade levels. There is also application for your children in Kindergarten to be involved.

(It was through reading aloud to my children that I discovered just how incomplete my own education was. I gladly learned with them, benefiting tremendously from our homeschool experiences.)

What does Sonlight 1 Core include?

1. History

2. Regular Reader Books - chosen for first graders who have mastered letters and can read short vowel words. ( Students with more advanced reading can order Readers 2.)

3.Read-Aloud Books

4. Core Instructor's Guide 1TB.

What is the Objective of the Sonlight 1 Curriculum?

The Sonlight goal is to lay a firm mental foundation for  your children so they can build their knowledge and understanding of history, culture, and geography.

Through the outstanding selection of Sonlight books, your family will learn about the amazing  homes that people have lived in... from tents and mud huts to caves and high rises. You will learn more about the world's great religions?Judaism,Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism. You will learn about money, food, clothing, jewelry, hairstyles and makeup. The Sonlight books enlighten your understanding of the flow of world history of these early times.

Every  Sonlight® core includes stories written by classic authors. In Core 1, your family will read:

  • E.B. White's Charlotte's Web (a favorite at our house!)
  • Robert McCloskey's Homer Price
  • Meindert DeJong's The Wheel on the School

It is through books like these that you and your children can discuss what friendship is all about, how one should treat other people.

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