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Konos Homeschool Unit Studies

Nathan, Robert, & Lane Simmons- Attentiveness/Frontiersmen Unit

I know that unit studies are not for everyone, but for our family which includes four active, curious, and often rambunctious boys and our only daughter who fits right in with her brothers, unit studies were what made our homeschool tick along successfully in the early years, when all the children were under ninth grade.  Charlotte Mason's wisdom and methods made a lot of sense to me and I incorporated as much of her ideas as I could. I also read books by Ruth Beechick that helped me tremendously to concentrate of the most important things without overkill or feeling guilty for not doing more.

If anyone asks me  what our favorite curriculum was over all 20+ years of homeschooling, I would have to say, KONOS Curriculum, without having to think and consider. Konos Unit Study Curriculum, more than any other homeschool method, is what I love the most about homeschooling: family togetherness, individualized instruction, discovery learning, plenty of hands-on learning, dressing up in period costume and dramatizing, Bible-based, multi-level instruction, freedom to choose what fits our family best, tying all school subjects together, children and parents all studying the same unit so naturally conversation encourages learning more and remembering, and I could go on...

Like I said, Konos learning is not the style that every family likes, but for those that lean toward hands-on, reading aloud, multi-level homeschool, Konos Curriculum may be what you are looking for.

See what used  Konos Curriculum is available today. Konos is one of our site pages for Used Homeschool Curriculum.and includes links to  additional pages for Konos in a Box and Konos Timelines

The following Konos Curriculum video mostly shows what a Konos Coop does when families meet together once a week. Our family only got to participate in a Konos Coop for a few months. We just had an Konos activity day once a week which served to give us time to do more activities, projects, and games connected to the unit we were studying. The other four days of the week, we read aloud, mainly from library books. The reading aloud together served to teach about the subject we were studying.

I have a blog about homeschooling with unit studies that describes one Konos unit that we completed when Lane was eight and Nathan was six. This was back in 1990 during our third year of homeschooling. We studied the five senses and specifically, the sense of hearing in Ears, Sound, and Music Unit. This was under the character trait attentiveness. Konos unit structure is organized under character traits. Under attentiveness were the sub-unit studies such as  Indians, Frontiersmen, Birds, Five Senses- especially hearing and seeing.

What kind of deals can be found in used Konos Curriculum?

(Concerning the following Konos listing-remember...this will be sold and new listings will replace it. This is just to give you an idea of what is available and how much you can save when you buy used. When popular curriculum is sold by auction, the selling price is usually more that the starting price because there are several people bidding.)

Here is a listing that I found today (June 30, 2010- ends on July 6):

Konos-Volumes 1,2,3
Volume 1,2 and 3------Books are in great condition!

I have for you the 3 volume set of Konos  Curriculum. These books cover 6 years of curriculum.  Each volume is 2 yrs-worth of curriculum.

K-8 Each KONOS volume is a 2 year curriculum "manual" for parents, covering history, science, art, music, Bible, composition, literature and reading, health/safety, and practical living designed for a multi-level teaching environment K-8.

Each unit has a character trait of God as its central theme. Each unit is full of fabulous hands-on activities to make learning fun and enhance retention.

KONOS includes great resource lists to give children the gift of research and exposure to classical literature and real books, not just textbooks. Great for all kinds of learners from talented and gifted, to artsy/creative children to problem learners and children with ADD, because KONOS uses teaching modalities and methods to meet the needs of all learning styles.

Weekly lesson plans are included with day-to-day activities suggested. The lesson plans are broken down in three columns: (K-2), (3rd-5th), and (6th-8th), to assist the teacher in choosing activities and assignments in the various subject areas more age appropriate.

Volume 1 had some writing which I erased.  The pages look like new. The binding in some areas has come loose. Many people put these books in 3 ring binders for that reason. It’s more beneficial to have them in binders for the purpose of taking them out to teach a lesson that day

Volume 2  had some writing that I erased. Name in ink on first page. No pen marks on the rest of the pages. Page 45-47 look like it had some water marks on it. The rest of the pages look great! This book is in very good condition.

Volume 3 is in a nice 3 ring blue binder. The pages are crisp and clean. There is no writing in it that I can see. The pages and cover look like brand new. I don’t think I’ll ever find a Konos vol. 3 that looks as new as this again.

As an educator for the past twenty years I must say this is the best curriculum I have ever taught. I believe this curriculum more than any other will develop in your students/children a passion for learning. As a teacher you will have a lot of fun and learn many things you never knew. You and your children will have a lot of great memories of school and how much fun it was to learn together. Whoever wins this auction will be tremendously blessed.

A brand new set of these books on Konos website is $300.

I’m starting bidding at $139.99. Less than half the cost. Plus Free Shipping (Priority Mail)

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