(Updated July 21, 2010)

Rosetta Stone Foreign Language

If you are in the market for Rosetta Stone Level 1, Rosetta Stone Level 2, or Rosetta Stone Level 3, Christian Book Distributors usually has good to great deals on new Rosetta Stone. I am hoping that they will have a sale on Rosetta Stone like they did last summer. Last year the regular price of $599 was reduced to $429. That is pretty good. It pays to look around for the best price. This is an expensive curriculum, that is well worth it for many people, but still, look for the best price. Buying used is probably the least expensive route to go.  Be sure to check Best Homeschool Buys for new and used Rosetta Stone deals.

There is a great Using Rosetta Stone in homeschool review at The Old Schoolhouse Magazine's Website. If you need to learn more about Rosetta Stone curriculum, that would be a good place to start.

Homeschool Foreign Language Rosetta Stone