At 13 Lane was interested in learning everything he could about computers.  Not just how to use them, but how to build them and how they work. Even though we had regular lessons like math, history, and literature, Lane was allowed much flexibility with his time to pursue his learning about computers. Not only did he become an expert (and later received his Electrical Engineering degree from Mississippi State), but he also learned how to write well, through the many emails he wrote to a volunteer computer mentor. Amazing, I thought, and so easy! He learned without any effort on my part (as his mom and teacher) and he learned with delight!

Homeschoolers are always trying to choose the best curriculum for their children, and of course that is important. However, the beauty of homeschooling is that it is not standardized as traditional schooling is. At home and within my own family, I can tailor our  learning time to my own children, not to the "average" child.

For Nathan it was raising parakeets. For Robert it was working with his Dad. For Sara it was reading voraciously and writing her own stories. For Jonathan it was learning to play guitar and making films.

Our children's time has not been consumed with school busywork, with endless hours tied up in the whole process of schooling.  Not being on the traditional school track frees our children up to follow their interests and their dreams.

Guitar Jack the girl, the piano
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