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When choosing your homeschool curricula, please realize that what works for one family may not be a good fit for another family.  Whenever possible, examine homeschool curriculum up close. Many publishers offer downloadable chapters or modules. Others offer trials. All About Spelling has a money back guarantee if you use it and it doesn't work for your family, you can get a refund.  If the curriculum you want to use doesn't offer trials or downloads, try to borrow the curriculum from friends to test it with your family before buying. Don't waste money on curriculum that does not fit your needs.

We normally offer a very limited overviews of various curricula in our site posts of Best Homeschool Buys. We advise all prospective curriculum buyers to read reviews from many users on a site such as Homeschool Reviews  or Cathy Duffy's Reviews if you need to find out about a curriculum.

Even when you are very careful to research a curriculum before buying, I know from experience that it is probable that you will sometimes buy curriculum that does not work well.  Success will come from trial and error. You will learn more about what works well for your children as you get experience in homeschooling.

Realize that we all have in some degree stumbled along making some wrong choices as we learn what works best. All is not lost if you buy a curriculum that is a poor match for your family. Just sell it! Find out where to sell your used homeschool curriculum.

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