This is a huge lot of Abeka K4 curriculum and accessories. It sold on eBay for $100 this month.  Since this set is no longer available, you can check to see what used Curriculum is available now for Abeka Kindergarten and Preschool. This is just an example of the curriculum bundles thathat can be found here.
Abeka Kindergarten Homeschool

The family that used this set and offered it for sale described the lot like this:

This is a variety of books, workbooks, manipulatives etc. Pre-kindergarten.

Almost everything has been laminated.

All instructions are there for lessons.

Also includes 2 teachers manuals/ lesson plans.

This is a massive lot.  Some of the workbooks will have pages missing. We did the first couple weeks and then decided to go with a curriculum that others we knew were using.

Abeka offers a solid Christian homeschool curriulum for grades K-12.  Many families use Abeka Curriculum exclusively, but others only suppliment Abeka while using other core curriculum.