SOS Alpha OmegaSwitched on Schoolhouse is a homeschool curriculum on CDRom that typically works well for children with ADD or ADHD.

Alpha Omega Publications offers Switched on Schoolhouse is their featured computer based curriculum as well as Monarch, an online subscription curriculum that is basically Switched on Schoolhouse adapted for online use.

What makes SOS different from most other homeschool curricula is that it offers attention-grabbing multimedia tools in each daily lesson that allows your child to learn with helpful video clips, animation, and interactive learning games. It's a combination of education and entertainment.

Think of your child's learning style, likes and dislikes, to help you determine whether SOS is for them or not. Many families really like Switched on Schoolhouse, but there are others that do not like it at all. Remember it is a good fit for some, but certainly not, as always, be careful when you choose curriculum. Talk to people who are using the curriculum that you are interested in, read reviews, see if there are any YouTube videos that show the curriculum up close.

The most important aspect of choosing a homeschool curriculum is finding a good fit for each student, but it is wonderful when the curriculum offers options for parents that make homeschooling easier. SOS also offers cutting-edge tools to make homeschooling parents' happy. It offers automatic grading and lesson planning! Finally, you'll be able to focus on what's really important in homeschooling–your child.

Switched-on Schoolhouse is an award-winning curriculum that will do the busy work for you. Sound like a life-saver? And you can always be assured your student is learning high-quality academics designed especially for each subject and grade that your child needs to cover.  SOS is not for everybody, but it is a perfect fit for many children.

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