Apologia Home School Curriculum for Science was a Good Fit for Our Family

Our oldest son used Christian science texts that were designed for classroom instruction. He got through Chemistry because one of the fathers volunteered to teach a small homeschool class.

I read about Apologia when it was newly released (I think it was in 2001). There were testimonies from formerly frustrated students who were enjoying this curriculum. Nathan, our second son, in the 11th grade started with Apologia Exploring Creation with Chemistry. I was amazed that he was able to learn Chemistry on his own by reading the text. He learned it independently and made B's on the tests. If he got stuck on something, he would come talk to me about it, explaining what he knew and what he didn't understand. Inevitably he would figure out enough to go back and do something differently. I didn't teach, I just listened and responded if I knew anything about what he was telling me.

Jay Wile wrote this science series with an informal tone, explaining everything thoroughly. He wrote it as if he was a tutor talking to his student, rather than as if he was a professor lecturing a class. We have since used Apologia General Science, Apologia Physical Science, Apologia Biology and Apologia Chemistry with our children. The books are non-consumable and can thus be used over and over. We highly recommend them.

Apologia Science Review

Apologia has higher level books including Advanced Biology-Fearfully and Wonderfully Made!,a homeschool curriculum for anatomy and physiology. See more: Advanced Apologia Courses.

This course combined with Exploring Creation with Biology , gives the homeschooled student what equals a college biology course. These two courses together cover the entire "advanced placement" (AP) curriculum. A student wanting to take Advanced Biology must first complete a first year Biology course and a first year Chemistry course. For a student that wants to go further with Biology, this advanced Apologia course covers both the anatomy and the physiology of the 11 organ systems of the human body in detail.

Just so you know...we used the first editions of Apologia. Now they have been updated and improved. From Apologia.com, they explain the differences:

Differences Between the Apologia Editions
  1. Dr. Wile has been answering student questions on each of these courses for seven years or more. Those questions have allowed him to realize what sections of the books could be written more clearly. Thus, these editions of our courses are even more understandable than the first editions!
  2. The student text has graphic icons that tell the student when there is a related multimedia presentation on the optional companion CD.
  3. There are course websites that have links to materials which provide extra help as well as interesting news related to each field.
  4. There are cumulative tests in the solutions and tests manual if the parent/teacher wants to give the student quarterly, semester, or final exams.
  5. The tests in the solutions and tests manual contain a point system that aids the parent/teacher in grading the tests.
  6. Finally, even though the module tests are found in the solutions and tests manual (so that the parent/teacher always has a copy of them), a second set of tests is also provided in a perforated booklet. This will allow the student to be given the tests without referring to the solutions and tests manual.

Apologia  is the science curriculum of choice for Sonlight, Veritas Press, The Well Trained Mind, and many other homeschool curricula, particularly Christian Classical Curricula.  Used Apologia Science books sold by other homeschool families are available here at Best Homeschool Buys. New Apologia texts can be bought from Apologia.com. You can also find a wide variety of information on what's included in the texts and all kind of help for teaching science using Apologia science at Apologia.com.