Abeka Homeschool

Some advice from an experienced A Beka Teacher:

"I have taught A Beka for years . The curriculum is very scripted meaning that it tells the teacher exactly what to say and do. It is also very seatwork oriented.  The best thing about it is that my children learn so much! To make it more pleasant,  I try to incorporate hands-on science, cooking, learning centers, and field trip so that it is not just paper and pencil work. I would not recommend this curriculum for the below-average student, but for children at average or above-average level, it is a winner for teaching reading skills.

Just try to keep the curriculum enjoyable for the students and the teacher.  Cut out seatwork that you don't see as necessary and add in activity that fits with what you are studying. That will effectively balance out the strain of too many paper and pencil assignments. One more thing...don't feel that you must go by the script when teaching. Use it for a reference. It is there if you need it and is especially helpful if you are a first time teacher. It is a tool and you are not a slave to it."

Another Abeka teacher that praises the Abeka Curriculum:

"I have been using the Abeka curriculum for many years and I love it. I don't use ALL the ABeka work sheets but I use most of them. Believe me, you have no idea how much paper and pencil work is required in public schools plus centers. . I have incorporated most of the Abeka methods into my classroom. Everyone is surprised at how far ahead the students in my classes are.  They seem to think that in some way,  I end up getting the children who are naturally smarter.  I know that the success that I am having is because of the Abeka curriculml.  It is so good. I try to share the strategies but they are locked into free choice play centers while I devote my time to group activities and again I use the ABeka stategies for learning. I am definitely sold on ABeka."

Homeschool parents do not have the specific lesson plan requirements that traditional school teachers may have.  You are free to adapt the Abeka Curriculum to your child rather than adapt the child to the curriculum.  THAT is the beauty of homeschooling.

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