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Follow the link for an informative page reviewing and comparing the different types of Kindle available and which might work best for homeschool.

All About Spelling has become immensely popular as a spelling, phonics, and reading curriculum in a very short time. If you have questions about how this multisensory curriculum works, visit the homesite for All About Spelling. You can also purchase the curriculum directly from the publisher on that site. Click to visit the All About Spelling website. Marie who is the author of All about Spelling offers Weekly Spelling Tips as well as a free…

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WriteShop for Homeschool   See MORE Used Writeshop  on eBay today WriteShop Homeschool Incremental Writing Program This homeschool writing curriculum earns a place in Cathy Duffy’s 100 Top Picks. As per the description from the book itself,  WriteShop is a writing program that: (1) emphasizes clarity, conciseness, colorful vocabulary, and interesting sentence types; (2) focuses on developing a strong paragraph; (3) offers a wide variety of writing activities; (4) helps students know exactly what to…

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See what new and used Wordly Wise is available today… Wordly Wise by Educators Publishing Service is a popular vocabulary workbook curriculum  that  provides systematic  instruction which builds a connection between vocabulary and reading comprehension.  Several of our 5 children used it in our homeschool during fifth through ninth grade.  We liked it because it didn’t take a lot of time to do the lessons, yet they were interesting and memorable. My children spent about…

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