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Homeschooling in High School Archives

Since 1980, the statistics that compare homeschooled students with public school students tell a remarkable story. There is widespread dissatisfaction with American state (public) schools. We are seeing an increasing number of parents opting for homeschool for many reasons, but the majority cite “dissatisfaction with public schools” as a reason for homeschooling their children. There are many advantages in homeschooling, one being the one-on-one teaching and learning that easily takes place in the home environment….

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Doug Smith reviews a a selection of e-readers in this video from Charlotte Mason. From sleek Apple products to the popular Amazon Kindle, he covers them all and offers thoughts on which might be best for you. The Different Kindles Available Kindle Main Page

Follow the link for an informative page reviewing and comparing the different types of Kindle available and which might work best for homeschool.

Here’s how Kindle can be a great asset to your homeschool!

Not only do I love the food offered at Chick Fil A, I love the job opportunities that Chick Fil A has offered for 3 of our 5 children. Our third son has worked with Chick Fil A since he was 16.He has one more year of college to finish his business degree and then plans to pursue a career with Chick Fil. Our other children were just happy to have a great part time…

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Nathan (at  left: Mechanical Engineering-2008) & Lane (at right: Electrical Engineering-2009) After over 12 years of homeschooling, then community college, then the university, our two oldest sons each received a B.S. in engineering at Mississippi State University. Homeschool gave Lane and Nathan the freedom to pursue their own interests. Their creative ideas were encouraged and enabled. We often gave them time away from some of their traditional school assignments to get really involved in a…

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ACT Scores for Homeschoolers Many of you who visit this site know us, the Simmons family. Four of our five children have finished homeschooling through high school and have gone on to college. Of those four, only our daughter made a great score on the ACT (28). Our three sons made scores that didn’t keep them out of college, but were nothing to brag about.  I tell you this so that you will not be…

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My daughter and I watched this short video today. She can identify with many of the points made by the students in the film. We had just been discussing the lack of value in college today. Her dad keeps reminding us that a college degree is a ticket to many opportunities that you will be denied if you don’t have it. My daughter received her A.A. degree when she was 17. Between applying too late…

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You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise.

- Deuteronomy 6:7 -