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Save Money on Homeschool Curriculum

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Teaching Kindergarten in Homeschool

Children are not items on an assembly line that are all exactly alike. They each have strengths and weaknesses and learning styles. The strength of homeschooling is in its individualization. We don't have to force a round peg into a square hole. Our children don't have to acquire a skill during the month or year that the teaching objectives require it. A child that would be on Ritalin or in a special class at "school" is perfectly able to learn at home with a program that suits his/her needs. This is true freedom in education and once you taste it, and see how your children thrive, and how the family can be home-centered and family-centered and learn together, traditional school just doesn't measure up.  ...MORE

Homeschooled Engineers at 13 and 11 Years Old
Homeschooled Engineers at 13 and 11 Years Old
Homeschooled Engineers
Homeschool gave Lane and Nathan the freedom to pursue their own interests. Their creative ideas were encouraged and enabled. We often gave them time away from some of their traditional school assignments to get really involved in a project.
If you have a budding engineer, provide him/her time, space, and materials to work on projects. There are so many great building sets available. The time your child spends building is not wasted time. They may be building important things one day soon and making a living for their families with their building expertise. ...MORE

Homeschooling on a Shoestring

The financial crisis is affecting all of us. Here are some things that I have done to save money on homeschooling. Maybe they will help you.....MORE tips for saving money while homeschooling.

Delight Directed Learning

Homeschoolers are always trying to choose the best curriculum for their children, and of course that is important. However, the beauty of homeschooling is that it is not standardized as traditional schooling is. At home and within my own family, I can tailor our learning time to my own children, not to the "average" child. ....MORE about learning inspired by interest.

As a young mother in the 80s, I subscribed to Growing Without Schooling to read about this curious "new homeschooling." I was amazed as I read story after story of children thriving by spending time with their parents, learning throughout the day-- more from activity, reading aloud and conversation than from textbooks. Then in 1985 I found a book that really gave me a heart for homeschooling. The book was: Home Grown Kids: A Practical Handbook for Teaching Your Children at Home by Dorothy and Raymond Moore

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Using All About Spelling with Older Children

Some children will learn to be good spellers with almost any spelling program. This was not the case with my sons. All 4 of my boys had to work hard at spelling. They all needed multi-sensory activities and lots of practice. They never improved to be as good a speller as my daughter, who being a visual learner, and a prolific reader, could spell almost any word that she could read. For the boys, we…

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All About Reading Level 2 is Now Available!

All About Reading Level 2 Release! Maire Rippel, creator of the All About Learning curriculum resources is  excited to announce the release of her newest…All About Reading Level 2! The official release will be Friday, September 28. Be sure to check out the new AAR Level 2 overview page (currently under construction – due to be finalized by September 28) for answers to many of the commonly asked questions about the All About Reading program….

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Spelling Problems

How to Take the Struggle Out of Spelling I was curious us about how Marie Rippel developed the All About Spelling homeschool spelling program. Four of my children had problems with spelling. Marie’s son had many of the same spelling problem issues…and here’s the story about what happened… This video is fun to watch, but very informative… For more information, you can visit the All About Spelling homeschool spelling website or read my partial Review…

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All About Spelling Sale-Level 7

All About Spelling is on sale! Marie Rippel has just released her All About Spelling Level 7! To celebrate, she  offering a great sale price on Level 7 for one week! Order All About Spelling  Level 7 at 15% off now. Marie has a sample lesson you can download so you can get a better idea of the spelling level and method of teaching. All About Spelling Level 7 is 15% off through Monday, August…

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It’s time for the 2012… Summer Olympic Games! Knowledge Quest has a  fun project for your kids to work on during the Olympic Games that will give them an outlet for their creative energy. They are offering a free download for this project. Hurry, since I am not sure how long it will be available! My Country Book will help your children record their favorite Olympic moments while reinforcing their geography knowledge and providing an…

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Used Tapestry of Grace: Year 1, 2, 3, 4

Finally we have added pages for used Tapestry of Grace curriculum.    Tapestry of Grace Year 1 Tapestry of Grace Year 2 Tapestry of Grace Year 3 Tapestry of Grace Year 4 Buying used homeschool curriculum can save money and stretch homeschool dollars.             Below is an example of a Tapestry of Grace Curriculum  The following auction is up for Tapestry of Grace Year 2. Hurry, because this one ends…

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Used Sonlight Core 1 for Sale

Sonlight Core 1 sold this week for $310.00. See what other used Sonlight Core 1 is available today. New Sonlight curriculum is added everyday. Just looking at these stacks of books from Sonlight 1 core just give me a pleasant nostolgic memory of starting a  new year of home school with a bunch of fresh books and a plan. Many of you are searching for lower prices on curriculum, and you have come to the…

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A very nice curriculum lot, My Father’s World Exploring Countries and Cultures, sold this week for $222.50.  See what is available for used My Father’s World curriculum today. The image shows what books were included in this auction. The list of specifics follows below:         Teacher’s Manual, 2nd Edition (some marking in pencil) Student Sheets (purchase one per additional student) Exploring World Geography (purchase one per 3rd-8th grader or photocopy) Hero Tales…

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Sonlight 4 & 5 Reader Set

See what used Sonlight curriculum is available today. These Sonlight- readers with Language Arts sold this week for $89.29. This is an example of a Sonlight set for grades 4 & 5 that offers great savings over the retail price of over $180.   From the seller: Sonlight Grades 4 & 5 Reader set of books with Language Arts.  This contains the same books as an older edition called “Reading with Longer Chapter Books, Language…

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